Building Accountability for Team Success

Team Success - Managing For Performance

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Theresa Callahan


Building Block 1  

Team Talent and How it Relates to High Performance

  • How does team talent relate to high performance?
  • How do I know if I have the right person in the right job? Matching talent with the needs of the business.
  • Rebalancing the team talent and identifying talent “gaps”
  • A focus on roles and responsibilities
  • Individual and Team Coaching focused on talent alignment

Building Block 2 

Accountability Measures and how they lead to High Performance

  • What is Accountability? What does it mean to hold myself and my team accountable?
  • What happens when accountability measures are not in place?
  • Bridging the gap between Strategy and Action: Seven Essential Behaviors of Leaders
  • SMART Goals and holding effective meetings
  • Individual and Team Coaching focused on building Accountability for success

Building Block 3 

4 Key Elements to Attracting, hiring and retaining Top Talent

  • Strategies to attract the talent your business needs
  • Developing a hiring and onboarding checklist
  • Creating a 30, 60 & 90-day review process for new hires
  • Implementation of effective performance reviews (that are easy and fun!)
  • Strategic coaching that will put systems, structures and processes in place for effective hiring procedures

Building Block 4 

Professional Development Plans and building Team Member Engagement

  • Creating a career path for your team members
  • Implementing Professional Development plans that engage and inspire
  • Strategies to give ownership and improved accountability for everyone on the team
  • Developing Employee Engagement initiatives that will inspire and shift performance
  • Individual and Team Career Coaching

Building Block 5 

The Culture of your Business and how it impacts High Performance

  • What is important about the “culture of your business?”
  • What does the business need to attract the clients and team members your business needs?
  • Culture Audit exercise
  • A powerful activity that will help you create a Team Culture Statement
  • Individual and Team Coaching around Culture and Core Principles

Building Block 6 

Guerilla Marketing: Attracting the clients you desire

  • What is your “WHY?”
  • What does the business need to grow and scale in a way that matches your vision?
  • Team Guerilla Marketing Workshop
  • Building a strategic marketing plan that aligns with your Scorecard goals
  • Strategic Coaching focused on new business acquisition

Final Integration Phase: Pulling together your Playbook for Excellence


Included in your Leadership Development Program:

  • A Customized Program Binder, filled with tools and resources to help you build a high performing team
  • Access to all on-line membership portals and training materials
  • Two 60-minute customized Coaching Sessions each month that include powerful individual and team coaching exercises, customized for your business needs 
  • Custom team workshops focused on Talent Development; Attracting, Onboarding & Retaining High Performing Team Members; building a Team Culture Statement; creating a Guerilla Marketing Strategy for acquiring new business; and developing a Playbook for Excellence for growing and managing your people and your business for success
  • A copy of Theresa Callahan’s book, Managing For Performance: Building Accountability for Team Success

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