Readers Rave about Theresa Callahan’s book
Managing for Performance: Building Accountability for Team Success

“Theresa Callahan has a wealth of experience and shares it via straightforward
writing and engaging exercises. Managing for Performance: Building
Accountability for Team Success is a practical and thought-provoking resource
for both aspiring and seasoned leaders.”

– Rick Carson
Author of Taming Your Gremlin

“My definition of success is the Freedom to Be Yourself. Theresa Callahan’s
passion for honoring your instinctive talent and applying it to all that you do
in life comes through in her book, Managing For Performance. Her innovative
leadership coaching programs and straight-talk about the need to put the
right players on the right team to enhance team success are right on.”

– Kathy Kolbe
Author of Powered By Instinct and Pure Instinct

“If you have ever met Theresa in person or had the privilege to do work with
her, you would know that she has a strong dedication to the things that matter
most in life: family, work, and clarity of mind. She listens and shares, is
always available when she is needed, and always very present when she is with
you. That these characteristics also come through in her writing is amazing. I
highly recommend Managing for Performance if you want to live your life with
purpose, passion, and performance. Theresa is an Executive Coach who lives
her life with great intention, and she shares her passion for life with you in this

– Mark Demos, M.A.
Author of LSI: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance

“Working with Theresa in partnership to build high performing teams has
been a perfect fit for me! My personal belief is that everything you do and don’t
do affects others, and Theresa models this daily. She is passionate about her
work as an Executive Coach and Teambuilding Consultant, and she strives for
results in everything she does. Managing for Performance is filled with insights
that will help anyone increase their results!”

– Marilyn Krichko
Author of The Rowers’ Code: A Business Parable of
How to Pull Together as a Team—and Win!

“Theresa talks candidly about the challenges of creating a high producing team,
and the difficulty that most business owners and team managers face when trying
to hold their team members accountable. Managing for Performance is a
powerful and engaging book that will be your toolkit for success as you take
your role as a leader to the next level. Theresa provides personal stories of her
experiences with her clients throughout the book that we can all relate to!”

– Patrick Snow
International Bestselling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and
The Affluent Entrepreneur

“If you’re in a leadership role, looking for inspiration, Managing for Performance
is a must read. Theresa’s stories about stepping up, taking ownership, and having
the courage to get “un-stuck” will empower you to take bold action. The
worksheets and activities in this book will help you create a high performing
team with purpose and intention.”

– Barbara Stanny
Author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women; Overcoming Underearning; and
Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money

“Theresa has been and will continue to be a valuable resource in helping me
select, train, review, and motivate my team. She has also been a true asset in
consulting in other business management areas.”

– Brady Nelson
State Farm Agent  www.BradyNelsonAgency.com