Building Accountability for Team Success

Team Success - Managing For Performance

Enroll in a 6-month Leadership Coaching Program with Theresa Callahan


Month 1:  Setting the Foundation for personal and team transformation

  • A powerful coaching process assessing your “Leadership Wheel” – how bumpy is your ride?
  • Ideal balance: Where do you, as Leader, tend to get “stuck”?
  • Setting intentions for personal and team transformation so you can become the leader  you desire

Month 2:  High Performance Deal-Breaker: Having the right people in the right jobs

  • How does team talent relate to high performance?
  • How do I know if I have the right person in the right job?
  • Assessment tools and how they help

Month 3: Accountability measures and how they lead to high performance

  • What is Accountability?  What does it mean to hold myself and my team accountable?
  • What happens when accountability measures are not in place?
  • Accountability for Action: Seven Essential Behaviors of Leaders

Month 4:  The culture of your business and how it impacts high performance

  • What is important about the culture of your business?
  • What does the business need to attract the clients and team members that your business needs?
  • A powerful Team Culture activity that will help you create a CULTURE STATEMENT with your team

Month 5:  Execution: The discipline of getting things done

  • What would shift if the focus was on the top priorities?
  • What gets in the way of getting things done?
  • Bridging the gap between Strategy and Execution

Month 6:  The Systems-based Solution:  Putting it all together for success

  • Rebalancing: A second look at the Leadership Wheel
  • Action Plans for building your Playbook for Excellence
  • Completion exercise: next steps and integration

Included in your Leadership Development Program:

  • Two 1-hour customized Leadership Coaching Sessions each month for 6 months that include powerful individual and team coaching exercises, designed for your business needs 
  • Powerful individual and team coaching exercises that transform team performance
  • All pre-work, homework, and program materials provided
  • A copy of Theresa Callahan’s book, Managing For Performance: Building Accountability for Team Success
  • FREE enrollment in Theresa’s Managing For Performance Leadership Circle Study Group (group coaching events and optional workshops throughout the year)

Payment Options
OPTION 1: $3495.00 prepaid for the 6-month program
OPTION 2: $625.00/month for 6 months

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