Workplace Happiness

Happiness and Wellbeing In the Workplace? Eureka!


I’ve found myself in a lot of conversations lately with small business owners about Happiness. Specifically, happiness in the workplace. Sound like something you only find at the end of the rainbow? Let me provide a simple solution.

Have you heard that old saying, “When momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”?  Well, it’s true.  Even in the workplace.  (Maybe you’re not a momma, but if you’re “in charge” this message is for you.)

Setting the workplace tone…

Like it or not, you set the tone for the wellbeing of your team. When you’re in a great mood and on top of your game, notice how much more engaged and upbeat your team members are. And when you’re in a slump, cranky, frustrated, disengaged, notice the energy that seems to be lacking among your team members.

What I’ve learned working with small business teams and their leaders is that the tone you set is contagious, and your team members will absorb whatever energy you are putting out.

Sound like a big responsibility?
It is!

One of the common themes I see among high performing and happy teams, is a happy leader. This involves a high level of engagement with the business and the team. It requires open and direct communication on a regular basis, including accountability measures for everyone within the organization. It means showing up and intentionally
setting the tone for a culture of excellence.

HappyLeader-ManagingFor Performance

Our businesses are only as happy and healthy as we are. And the added reality is that if you’re not in balance at home, it’s likely that life at work feels out of balance, as well. For many of us this is a delicate and challenging line to walk.  But if you are running a small business, I’ve come to believe that you have a responsibility to figure it out,
because you’re people are counting on you to get it right.

True Leaders are engaged…

They lead. It’s an action word. Which means they do stuff…with and for their people. They are present: physically, emotionally, connected.  So, if you find yourself frustrated or confused by your team members’ lack of engagement or unhappiness at work, you might start your assessment by taking a long gaze in the mirror and asking yourself what kind of tone you are setting in the workplace. You might see an uncomfortably familiar tone among your people.

Leadership isn’t always easy, but I believe it is the greatest privilege we have to engage, lead and inspire others.  This is the basis from which my Managing For Performance Leadership Program was developed, to learn new strategies and processes to engage your team in a new way, with support.


You want a better team? Be a better leader!  I keep looking for shortcuts, because I know my clients are looking for them, too, but I’m sorry to report that I haven’t found any.  You have to do the work.

It can be isolating trying to run your own business, and it’s the “people stuff” that keeps most of my clients up at night.  But the one thing you can control when it comes to employee engagement is to model the behavior you want to see in them. Take inventory on your wellbeing and happiness before you show up for work, and do what you can to bring positive energy to your people so they can project it forward with your clients. Give it a try! You might just find it transforms your team performance.

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