If you are looking for a high-impact, fun and engaging opportunity to bring  your team together to learn new skills, gain deeper insights about themselves and each other, and discover new ways to increase performance, consider one of Theresa’s unique Leadership Development and Teambuilding workshops.  Theresa will personally design and deliver a program targeted to your specific needs!

Workshops to choose from:

Managing For Performance™ Leadership Development Workshop:

Increase your Leadership effectiveness through this dynamic and interactive workshop, designed exclusively for team leaders and business owners.  This event includes specialized training to improve team results and create accountability for team success.  In this workshop you will learn 7 Simple Actions that will help you build a high performing team!

  • Set the foundation for personal and team transformation so you can be the leader your business needs
  • Learn about team talent and how it relates to high performance
  • Put accountability measures in place for increased results
  • Create a framework for change and shift the culture of your team or organization
  • Focus on the top priorities and break through barriers that hold you and your team back
  • Put systems and action plans in place for success

Kolbe™ Team Workshop — Optimizing Strengths through Innovative Teambuilding:  For more than 30 years the Kolbe System has helped companies meet their greatest challenge:  recruiting and managing human capital.

The Kolbe A™ Index is the only validated tool that measures one’s natural abilities:

  • Innate Paths to Success
  • Modes of Operation (MO)
  • Creative Power
  • Form of Productivity

Skills can be taught and personalities can change, but instincts are hardwired.  Kolbe’s system identifies the “striving” instincts used to solve problems and accomplish an individual’s best work.

A Kolbe team workshop can help you empower your workforce and increase productivity by:

  • Focusing on the skills and strategies to make every person, every effort and every penny count
  • Working closely together while learning how to leverage individuals’ talents and abilities
  • Developing breakthrough strategies for increased performance through a fun and interactive workshop

The Rowers’ Code™:  7 Principles to Power Up Your Life and Your Team:  The Rowers’ Code is a simple, actionable set of behaviors about teamwork and communication that can be applied to every workplace scenario. It is based on the premise that everything you do or don’t do affects others. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures, which means we have different ways of looking at things, communicating, and working together.

The Rowers’ Code Workshop will help you:

  • Tap into your strength and the strength of your peers
  • Gain alignment with those around you
  • Stay in sync with others
  • Work issues out directly with teammates
  • Personalize and powerfully leverage change
  • Unleash the effectiveness of your workgroup
  • Succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape

Leadership Planning Workshop/Retreat:  Let Theresa design and facilitate your next strategic off-site event!  This is an excellent opportunity to work ON your business as a team, while an expert leads you through a dynamic  working session with your team.  You’ll get:

  • Focused and on-task business planning for the entire team
  • Action items to move your business forward
  • More effective use of your time
  • Support and Facilitation so you can be a part of the process with your team
  • A partnership with Theresa to help you implement and execute your plan following your event


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