Leadership Study Group Registration

Join our Monthly Leadership Circle,

a Free Tele-Conference on the 2nd  Wednesday of every month at 11 am Pacific Time, moderated by Theresa Callahan.

Each monthly session will be filled with content and collaborative sharing with other small business owners country-wide who are also striving to be the best leaders they can be for their business and their teams. We will talk about ideas and concepts from the book: “Managing For Performance: Building Accountability For Team Success” and practice the themes from Theresa’s Leadership Program.

We will share examples and experiences from the group that should help each member apply the concepts in their own situations. This is a “master-mind” study group where you can share and learn from the comfort of your own home or office in a Tele-Conference format.

To register and hold your spot for each monthly meeting, please complete and submit the following form. I will notify you by email with log-in instructions prior to our meeting times.


We will use a conferencing app ZOOM for our meeting platform. If you would like to read in detail about how to use ZOOM during our meetings, you can get help here.

Or, here is short video showing how to join our regular ZOOM Meetings

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