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I am on a mission to help everyone on your team realize that they can ALL Lead!  Building a high-performing team is a Team Sport!  But it all starts with a bold leader.  And leadership isn’t easy for some of us.  In fact, for most of us, it’s the hardest part of their job: “The People Stuff”.

In my interactive Keynote presentation I invite you to step boldly into your role as a leader and embrace your amazing privilege to lead.  This is a high-energy, high-impact event where you will learn powerful shortcuts to improving your leadership effectiveness by implementing 7 Simple Actions that will help you be a better leader and transform team results!  I am a no-nonsense speaker, I am bold, (I am loud!), and I get really excited with a microphone and a room full of leaders!  Let’s have some fun together!

Because I am an Executive Coach, everyone in the audience will be participating in live coaching exercises that will help them be introspective and self-assess their level of satisfaction in their role as the leader of their team.  I like to help my audience lighten up, laugh, and I challenge them to make powerful mindset shifts in their role as a leader.  I will use our time together to learn, share and grow.

Participants who meet me for the first time like to engage me at the breaks, after our event, and share with me their stories.  They feel understood, acknowledged, less isolated, by learning that they are not alone as a leader, and that there are many new strategies that can help them break through barriers and be more effective in their roles.  I connect well with my groups, because the participants know I understand their challenges, their struggles and their people problems at work.  I share my stories, my personal leadership lessons learned, and the lessons of the hundreds of business owners and team leaders I have worked with over many years, and these stories resonate and inspire.

My audience will walk away with new strategies that will help them build a high-performing team of players who are engaged, committed and aligned.  And they will have a lot of fun in the process!

Schedule an introductory call with me here to tell me your story and let’s find out if I’m a great “fit” for your group, or feel free to email me directly at: tc@theresacallahan.com.  I look forward to meeting you!


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Click here for Theresa’s printable Speaker One Sheet

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